What is an MOT history check?

More open sourced data from DVLA For UK drivers, a MOT test provides invaluable information about any vehicle that has been on the road from 2005 to the present. While many drivers are likely already familiar with a MOT (Ministry of Transport) and MOT history check, below is a brief overview of MOT test, includingContinue reading “What is an MOT history check?”

askMID and Motor Insurance Database Checks

MIB for protection against uninsured drivers askMID open source for private motorists If you are a resident of the UK, there has never been an easier way to make certain any vehicle you or someone else is driving has the appropriate road insurance and DVLA mot check certificate. Launched in 2013, askMID allows motorists toContinue reading “askMID and Motor Insurance Database Checks”

Best family cars of 2020

What are UK best selling vehicles? Finding the best family car can be difficult. After all, there is a lot to consider, including size and storage space, safety, and cost. After carefully considering all these things, along with style, features, and more, we’ve chosen the Volkswagen Golf as the best family car for UK motorists.Continue reading “Best family cars of 2020”